All of the tracks we deal with are in the mountains.

Our mountains are not high in comparison to mountains overseas, but hey do get some very erratic and wild weather.

The South Island protrudes into the Southern Ocean.

Normally, every 3-5 days, a cold front comes up out of the Southern Ocean to swat us.

The air temperature can go from 30C to 4C in the space of a few hours.

The east side of the Routeburn track gets about 2000mm of rain each year, while the west side gets about 5500mm.

It doesn’t fall on one or two days, but is spread out over the whole year.

The west side has 255 days of rain each year.

Sometimes, you will have sun, rain, sleet and snow in a few hours.

The tracks will get about 10 days of snow during the 3 months of summer.

It is best to be prepared.