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Relocation Info

Bookings should be confirmed within two days, otherwise we can’t guarantee there will still be space.

Our office

Corner of Oban and Shiel Streets, Glenorchy, open from 8am until 5pm.
 “Trackhopper” sign in front.

We are on Google Maps.

How does it work?

You need to pick up a key box from our office in Glenorchy, or the Caltex petrol station in Te Anau. 

You will drive to the track car park, lock your car using our key lock box and start your hike.
Later, we will pick up your car and deliver it to the other end of the track by 11am on your last day, unless you want an earlier time.

The key box can be dropped off a day or 2 late if you are staying in Milford Sound or Kinloch.

Private/Rental Car

If you are hiring a rental car, we will need to know the name the hire is booked under, company name and booking number.
We will need to know your car registration (licence) plate number, make/model after you pick it up.

For private vehicles, please make sure your car is road legal and safe to drive, otherwise we will not be able to move it due to insurance issues.

Rental company charges
Snap,Ace and Europcar will charge you for each day for the duration of your hire for additional drivers.
Abell and Enterprise/Alamo/National will charge you about $30 for additional drivers.
Go Rentals will charge you $10 for each additional driver.

These are the only ones that charge for this, at this stage.
Some Queenstown branches don’t charge these fees if they know it is Trackhopper.

We can not shift Iconic, Apollo/Hippie and Cheapa campers as we can not get insurance cover.

Some rental car company insurance policies do not cover you on any unsealed road.
(There are 9kms of metal (unsealed), formed road at the Routeburn Shelter end of the track.)
It is best to check with your rental car company.

We will contact the rental company to add our driver details a few days before moving your car.

We accept liability for the insurance excess up to $5000, while shifting your car.

We have lockable key boxes free for your use.
The 4 number code for the key box is inside the box. Make sure you remember it.
The key can be put inside the box and hooked up under the back bumper of your car or on a loop style door handle.
We will leave it in the same place that you leave it for us.

If your car has a proximity sensor key or push button start, you will need to wrap your key in tin foil.
We have tin foil in front of our office.

The key box can be picked up from in front of our office at any time, 1 Shiel Street, Glenorchy.
We are the first house on the right as you come into Glenorchy, “Trackhopper” sign out front.
The key box can be left at the Caltex petrol station on the main road through Te Anau, after your hike. We will leave you a note.

If you are staying in the bush an extra day or two, the key box can be drpped off when you come through Glenorchy or Te Anau.

Your car needs to be fully fueled at the last major town you pass through .
We will top it up during the relocation if required.

For some tracks, your car will travel more than 500km between petrol stations.

Payment / Cancellations

Payment is required to secure your booking.

Unused fuel money will be refunded into your account.

Cancellations and Covid cancellation policy at https://trackhopper.co.nz/policies-terms-and-conditions/

Important – License Plate Info
We need your registration (licence plate) number of your car as soon as practical, after you have picked it up.

NZ Track Safety Video

http://bit.ly/AlpTramp – These videos have great information and footage of some alpine tracks in NZ. Enjoy ☺


Rain is very common in the mountains and can be very heavy. (We sometimes have snow in Summer)
The rain is not so bad in the forest sections of the track.

The worst of the rain should last for about 5-6 hours (hopefully at night.)

It is an alpine environment. Be prepared (mentally and gear-wise) for cold, wet weather at any time of year.