Policies, Terms and Conditions

Booking Policy

To reserve the booking, we require credit card details (Master Card or Visa Card) or payment in full.
If you wish to pay by cash, then we still need your credit card details.
Your credit card will not be charged, just held for securing your booking.

Payment Options

Cash: No fees apply
If you start from the Routeburn Shelter, you can pay at our office.
If you start from the Divide, you can leave the payment and fuel money in your car.

Credit Card: $10 Bank fee apply.
You will be taken to PayPal to complete your payment after filling out the form on our Make a Booking page.

Direct Deposit: No fees. From New Zealand bank accounts only.

Fuel money: We prefer you to leave cash for fuel money in your car, so we can leave change if any.
If you prefer to use credit card, there will be an extra $3 card fee.

Cancellation Policy

If you are cancelling due to the track closure, we will refund 100% of the relocation fee.

If we have already moved your car, then we may not refund your fuel money. However, we will refund 100% of the relocation fee.

Multiday Hikers

  • No cancellation fee: If you notify us by 5pm the day before your hike.
  • Cancellation fee of $50 : If you notify us between 5pm the day before your hike and 8am the day of your hike.
  • You will be charged full price : If you notify us after 8am the day of your hike.

Single Day Hikers

  • $50 cancellation fee.
  • You will be charged full price : If you notify us after 5pm the day before your hike.
  • No fee if you change to another date. Minimum two days notification.


If you decide to cancel the relocation, please call us as soon as possible.

Terms and Conditions

Trackhopper will take all reasonable care of your vehicle.
Trackhopper only accepts liability for the insurance excess up to $5000, while shifting your vehicle.
Trackhopper does not accept liability for any mechanical problem, puncture and / or stone chip to any glass.
Trackhopper does not accept liability for any theft or damage (not caused by Trackhopper) that occurs at any track car park.
There have been no reported incidents at either Routeburn car park in the last 9 years.
Trackhopper does not accept any liability on any uninsured vehicle.

Private Vehicle – Please notify your insurance company regarding any additional drivers if it’s required.
Trackhopper can provide driver’s licence and details.

Rental Vehicle – Trackhopper will contact your rental car company to add our driver on the agreement for insurance purposes.
If there is a fee for additional driver, Trackhopper will tack care of it. (Some exception, So please ask us)

Fuel Money – Routeburn Car Relocations only.
Each vehicle has different fuel economy. (Total distance your car will travel between petrol stations is 500-550kms)
Trackhopper advises you to leave fuel money for us to refill your vehicle, due to the distance your vehicle will travel.
If you leave cash / fuel voucher in your vehicle, Trackhopper will leave the fuel receipt and change (if any).
If you do not leave any fuel money and Trackhopper believes, it will not be enough fuel for your vehicle to get to the next petrol / gasoline station comfortably, we will put some fuel in your car and charge the fuel cost on your credit card.
There will be a $3 credit card fee added.

Breakdowns – If your vehicle is a rental, we will contact the rental company and get advice from them.
We will contact you through the DoC radio system or leave a note in your car.

For private vehicles, we will contact you through the DoC hut radio system.

Please let us know if your car has any problem or care requirements.