Rental/Private Car Insurance

Private/Rental Car
With your rental car, we will need to know the name the hire is booked under, company name and booking number.
We will need to know your cars registration (licence) plate number, make/model after you pick it up.
Some private car insurances require driver details to be added.
If this is the case for your insurance, let us know and we will send a copy of our driver’s licence.
Rental company charges
Ace and Europcar will charge you for each day for the duration of your hire for additional drivers.
Abell and Enterprise/Alamo will charge you about $30 for additional drivers.
Go Rentals will charge $10 for each additional driver.
These are the only ones that charge for this, at this stage.
Some Queenstown branches don’t charge these fees if they know it is Trackhopper.
We can not shift Iconic, Scenic and Apollo/Hippie/Cheapa campers as we can not get insurance cover.
Some rental car company insurance policies do not cover you on any unsealed road.
(There are 9kms of metal (unsealed), formed road at the Routeburn Shelter end of the track.)
It is best to check with your rental car company.
We will contact the rental company to add our driver details a few days before moving your car.
We accept liability for the insurance excess up to $5000, while shifting your car.
We have back up Insurance
In the event that there is a problem with insurance cover, we have our own insurance which will cover our drivers, driving any vehicle on any road, up to $150,000.