Other Track Options

Other Track Options

Routeburn Shelter to Greenstone / Caples Car Park : $160/vehicle

Greenstone or Caples to The Divide : $285/vehicle

Divide to Greenstone / Caples: $240/vehicle

Rees (Muddy Creek) to Dart (Chinamans Bluff) : $160/vehicle

Te Anau Downs to Milford Sound : $210/vehicle

Driving Directions & Distances

A: Queenstown to Routeburn : 76 km

B: Queenstown to Greenstone/Caples : 86 km

C: Queenstown to Rees (Muddy Creek) : 68 km

D: Queenstown to Dart (Chinaman Bluff) : 88 km

E: Queenstown to the Divide: 253 km