A swim near the Routeburn Track

IMGP2530IMGP2476IMGP2517IMGP2511IMGP2514A short hike from Earland Falls, up a hanging valley, we found a great place for a swim. At about 1 degree celsius, with a few ice bergs, it was quite tropical. Kiyomi seemed to be happy 🙂

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5 Responses

  1. Jonathan says:

    Hello, is this Lake Roberts?

  2. Noel MIn says:

    My wife and I are doing the routeburn track! in fact we are using your car service! where is this and how far is it from Earland falls? It is beautiful!

    • TRACKed says:

      Sorry, Noel I didn’t see your message.
      This lake is unnamed as far as I know.
      It is a rough 2 hour hike to the saddle and another 30 minute difficult hike down to the lake.
      About 5 hours off track with no route markers return.
      A good bush bash.

  3. KUAN says:

    Beautiful lake.
    Is this here?

    44°49’06.7″S 168°08’59.5″E

    • TRACKed says:

      This lake is about 2 hours bush bash (no track) to get to and 2 hours back.
      There are many isolated lakes in our mountains.

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